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How Much Will The 2023 Super Bowl Rings Cost & Who Gets One

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As we know, it will either be the Eagles or the Chiefs that will win Super Bowl 2023 on Sunday and the victorious side will not only enter the NFL hall-of-fame, but there are also the world-famous Super Bowl rings up for grabs. 

However, supplying this bling to the winning players isn’t cheap – so, just how much will the 2023 Super Bowl rings cost and who will recieve one?

Super Bowl Ring: A Unique Memento That Winners Can Show Off

Unlike most other sports, where a small trophy or more commonly a medal is given to the players of a winning team – the NFL has to be different – right? Of course, they do and that’s why the Super Bowl winners rings have become an iconic prize to have in your possession and ultimately show-off.

Plus, being a ring then it’s a lot easier for Super Bowl winners to prance around town to showcase their jewllery, rather than having a big weighty medal around their necks, or even a huge over-sized belt like in boxing (hopefully there’s no fighters reading this).

How Much Will The 2023 Super Bowl Rings Cost?

Of course, the Super Bowl rings can vary in price and over the years have certainly increased in their initial value. But it’s rumoured that the rings cost between $30-50k, so with the help of a calculator you can quickly see that it’s not cheap being a Super Bowl winning team! With a full set for a winning team somewhere in the region of $5m big ones!

The NFL will generally contribute around $5-7k for each ring, so it’s left for each winning Super Bowl side to cover the rest of the costs.

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Who Gets a 2023 Super Bowl Ring?

The Super Bowl rings have been made over the years by the likes of Tiffany’s & Co, Balfour and Jostens, while they are, of course, made and designed AFTER the Super Bowl. A team doesn’t want to fork out $5m on a set of rings, which are often made of yellow or rose gold plus filled with diamonds and other gems, before a Super Bowl – only to lose the big match.

And, in answer to the question – who gets a ring? Well, there are no set rules here. Most of the time it’s down to the owner of the winning team to decide who will get a winners’ ring – with around 150 made up each time.

Yes, the players and the coach are the obvious pick, but it’s not uncommon (if the owner is feeling generous) for other coaching staff to get their hands on one. Lower valued rings are also sometimes made (called B and C rings) and might go to office staff or fringe players, while it’s rumoured that cheerleaders have received them over the years too.

Ex-49ers cheerleader Teri Hatcher has made it no secret that she’s got a Super Bowl ring – but not during her cheerleading days in the early 80’s but for the San Francisco Super Bowl win in 1994, having got friendly with the team and owner.

Do The 2023 Super Bowl Runners-up Get A Ring Too?

Yes, is the quick answer – although these runners-up of ‘Conference Champions’ rings will probably not be shown off as much! The rings, will however, look very similar, barring that wording – World Champions’ to ‘Conference Champions’.

Most Super Rings Worth Even More As Time Goes On

Being a unique and rare bit of sparkle, most of the time, these Super Bowl rings will rise in value. After all, even though it might sound like a lot being made (150ish) at the time, they will change each year to make them rarer and then if also associated to a top player this will make their worth even higher.

For example, if Tom Brady was to ever sell any of his seven Super Bowl rings you’d feel it would fetch a staggering amount.

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